The MindMe App is the newest development in personalized mental wellness based on science. This innovative app is designed to help anyone self-monitor their own mental wellness from anywhere! The MindMe app utilizes a scientifically validated assessment instrument called the Self-Management Self-Test (SMST) developed to help anyone monitor for feelings of sadness, anxiousness, stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. With the help of your digital “MindMe Companion”, the MindMe app will assess how you are doing mentally at this moment in time. Using this result, you as a MindMe member can then begin your path or continue your path towards mental wellness by using provided suggestions or by choosing your own path to mental well-being. The regular use of the MindMe app allows you to track your progress over time as you make changes to improve your mental wellness. You as a member will also have access to Warmlines (Live Trained Listeners) provided by government funded call centers in the US, at no additional cost. Warmlines, give you access to mental health professionals all across the United States allowing for emergency interventions when members need it the most. Basic members have access to these functions along with basic suggestions for mental health improvement at no charge.